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Subway Advertising Solution

In-Carriage Media Advertising Playback Control System Solution

Digital signage shapes the digital future of airports and an outstanding aviation experience; Integrated hardware and software, customized leadership, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and innovative experience!

Signature Products

Advertising placement, content creation, media management, and data analysis.

Train Car Screen

Immersive Dynamic Video Experience

Dynamic Video
Immersive Experience

The screen features Full HD resolution, high color reproduction, high contrast wide viewing angles, and a low reflection mirror design, ensuring a clear and realistic image, allowing you to enjoy a stunning and captivating visual feast

Lightweight and
Streamlined design

Utilizing LCD technology with a slim and sleek design, it is easy to install and service. Optimized materials and structural design ensure the screen is robust and stable, reducing installation complexity. The modular design of the LCD screen facilitates easy installation and maintenance, with components that can be individually replaced.

Overall Architecture (Topology Diagram)

An extremely secure media distribution link, resistant to hijacking and hacking attacks.

Precision and Scaled Deployment

Controlled by the backend system, it precisely reaches the target audience and enhances brand exposure.

Programmatic Operation
Convenient and Fast

Distribution Strategies
Flexible Customization Services, Monitoring Data Feedback, and Optimizing.

Embedded Media
Player all-in-one solution

Embedded with Vewell's independently developed Coolfile media player, operating on a stable Android 11 operating system. It delivers smooth content playback, allowing enterprises to effortlessly manage and monitor devices while enjoying the convenience of SaaS cloud publishing for a rich media con-tent experience.

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