Interactive Flat Panel VT65WW


• Vewell‘s Interactive Flat Panel offers a dynamic experience designed for the conference rooms and classroom of the future.
• As an Android 11 OS* based product, Vewell‘s Interactive Flat Panel provides intuitive usability to teachers.

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Elevate your meetings with Vewell Interactive Flat Panel: Choose Android for intuitive interaction or Windows for enhanced security and power. Enjoy natural writing, 4K resolution, and seamless collaboration. Bridging gaps, amplifying voices – Vewell makes every meeting impactful

Interactive Flat Panel

All raw materials undergo rigorous tests to ensure stable and reliable quality

A Natural Writing Experience Seamless and Smooth

IR touch technology brings you a natural writing experience on Classic Series. The writing height is lowered to less than half of the previous generation, providing an even more paper-like writing experience. Vewell Interactive Flat Panel5 Classic Series also increases the writing accuracy from the previous models.

Now the writing accuracy is within plus or minus 1mm, which helps make fine annotations.≤2mm Writing Height| ±1mm Writing Accuracy ≤2mm Writing Height | ±1mm Writing Accuracy.

Enhanced Performance

Optional Android 11.0 or Windows 10.0 module will enhance the performance and reliability of the operating system. The Android module provides a straighter-forward way of human-computer interaction, whereas the PC module would  offer greater security, broader compatibility and more powerful performance. Either module would make Vewell Interactive Flat Panel a handy tool in the office.

Bring Presentations to Life

4k Ultra HD Large Screen, breaking free from the traditional projector's oi-painting feel. Delivers finely detailed and natural image quality, ensuring clear and distinct text and data. AG anti-glare toughened glass combats strong ambient light. allowing meetings without the need to dim lights or close curtains. Enjoy clear visual performance from any seat.

Brainstorming Anytime, Anywhere

During brainstorming sessions, when ideas need to be gathered, participants are now able to scan a QR code on the screen and instantly send text messages to the screen where they can be dragged into different areas, zoomed in on and easily sorted, all making for a fun and engaging meeting.

Bridging the Divide Convenient Deployment

The Vewell interactive flat panel includes 2 USB and 1 Type-C ports. By connecting to a laptop, it projects the laptop's screen onto and plays sound from the Vewell interactive flat panel . Now you can enjoy a wide viewing angle camera and 8 meters of voice pickup features on your laptop.

Your Voice is Heard

The Vewell Voice Localization algorithm locates the direction of the speaker with the 8-microphone array and guides the camera to zoom in on them automatically. The auto gain technology simultaneously balances the volume while the noise algorithm samples the environmental noise and cancels out unwanted hustle and bustle. This all results in a clearer voice delivery.

6-element Microphone Array 丨Up to 8 Meters Voice Pickup Voice Localization 丨Noise Cancellation丨Anti-reverberation

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Interactive Flat Panel-SERIES

Evergreen Series

Interactive Flat Panel-Size

65", 75", 86", 98", 110"

Interactive Flat Panel-DISPLAY RESOLUTION


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Interactive Flat Panel VT65WW