LCD Video Wall 55″



• An extreme narrow 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel design creates seamless visual experience.
• 700 nit brightness and non-glare panel provide high visibility 24/7.
• Wide viewing angles enable clear image presentation for more viewers in large spaces.

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Experience superior performance with our LCD video wall, offering exceptional uniformity, 24/7 reliability, versatile mounting, USB playback, EMI resistance, upgradable FHD/Super FHD, remote control, intelligent temperature control, and a max 15×15 self-splicing display for a seamlessly powerful visual experience

LCD Video Wall
Airport Application Scenarios
All raw materials undergo rigorous tests to ensure stable
and reliable quality

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Seamless Large Screens with Extreme-Narrow Bezel

Experience seamless large screens with Vewell LCDs featuring an incredibly thin 0.44mm even bezel. Whether it's the remarkable 0.9mm or 1.75mm variant, these narrow seams ensure a beautiful and uniform presentation of content.

Life like
Viewing From Any Angle

The 178-degree viewing angle offers more installation flexibility, providing a wealth of space to present clear imaging wherever your viewer is standing.

Industry-leading Color Calibration

With industrial camera inspection, professional color contrast, and an intelligent pixel-level calibration algorithm, Vewell LCDs present flawless color consistency and dazzling imaging on every screens.

Upgradeable LCD Video Wall with Superior FHD and Super FHD Capabilities

The LCD video wall is upgradeable, enhancing both FHD and Super FHD capabilities. With exceptional color reproduction, it delivers vivid imagery, showcasing an advanced visual experience.

All-day Operation,Flexible Rotation

Vewell LCDs' industrial grade panels can run uninterrupted 24/7, promoting your content absolutely any hour you need it. with standard installation, Vewell LCDs also support 90-, 180-, and 270-degree display rotation, as well as vertical screen splicing without a video wall controller.

Maximum 15x15 Self-Splicing Capability

Vewel's LCD video wall boasts an expansive configuration of up to 15x15, showcasing the robust processing power of its integrated chip. The self-assembled display reflects the chip's strong computational capabilities, delivering seamless and impressive visuals.

Effective Heat Dissipation

The LCD video wall supports remote control and features an intelligent temperature control system. With remote management capabilities, it ensures ease of operation and maintains optimal temperature for prolonged performance.

Full Metal Construction to Block Electromagnetic Interference

The LCD video wall features a full metal construction, effectively shielding against electromagnetic interference. This robust design ensures durability and enhances performance in challenging environments.

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Weight25 kg
Dimensions1018.96 × 573.55 × 109.4 mm
LCD Video Wall-Size


LCD Video Wall-Bezel Width

0.44mm, 0.9mm, 1.75mm



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LCD Video Wall 55″