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We welcome experienced and capable companies and individuals to become our product agents.

Reseller Recruitment


Thank you for expressing interest in our AV Furniture,Video Conferencing and Commercial Displays products and considering becoming our overseasdistributors or resellers. We are excited about the possibility of establishing a partnership with you to promote the success and growth of our productsHere is an overview of our agent policy

Agent Qualifications:

We welcome experienced and capable companies and individuals to become our product agents.

Potential agents are required to provide relevant business credentials and a strong credit history.

Exclusive Territories:

We will provide limited territory protection to ensure that agents have a competitive advantage within their assigned geographical region.

Pricing and Discount Policy:

Agents will enjoy competitive pricing and incentive programs based on sales performance. We will regularly assess agent sales performance and provide additional rewards based on their contributions.

Training and Support:

We will offer comprehensive product training to agents to ensure they understand the product features and advantages, enabling them to provide better support and advice to customers. Agents will have access to our after-sales support and can reach out to us for assistance at any time.

Marketing Support:

We will provide marketing and advertising support, including promotional materials, samples, and display items to help agents better promote the product. We will also collaborate with agents to plan and execute marketing activities to drive sales growth.

Ordering and Delivery:

We will ensure timely order processing and delivery to meet customer demands.
Agents are required to adhere to our order processes and delivery requirements.

Contracts and Termination:

We will enter into contracts with agents to outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties. If an agent fails to meet the minimum sales requirements specified in the contract, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

Ongoing Collaboration:

We look forward to building a long-term partnership and are willing to work with agents to develop growth strategies for mutual success.
If you are interested in becoming our product agent or distributor, or if you need further information about our agent policy, please contact our sales team, who will provide more detailed information and assist vow in initiating the collaboration, We look forward to working with you and achieving success together. Thank you for your attention and support.
Warm regards,

Vewell Technology Co.,Ltd

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