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Intelligent Airport Check-in Digital Signage Products

Intelligent Airport Check-in Digital Signage Products

Digital signage shapes the digital future of airports and an outstanding aviation experience; Integrated hardware and software, customized leadership, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and innovative experience!

Signature Products

Airport intelligent mobile guidance system and Smart Airport Self-check-in Digital Signage Solutions

Airport Self-Check-in
Digital signage

Core Features of the Plan

Real-time display of fight status, boarding gates, departure and arrival times,
and other information to help passengers stay informed about flight updates promptly.

Custom Screen-printed Logo

Color printing, hot stamping gold, hot stamping silver, and other processes add unique brand charm to the product.

Extended Power On/Off

Extended to a 10-second long press to ensure protection against accidental
touch or operation.

The product is sturdy and reliable

Our products are sturdy and reliable, preventing damage from accidental
touches or falls.

Compact and Convenient Flexible Deployment

Can display boarding information and other content, assisting passengers in swiftly understanding the entire aircraft's dynamic information, enhancing the service efficiency of fight attendants, and allowing passengers to intuitively grasp their own required information

Airport Dual-Screen Digital signage

14-inch upright dual screens can be used in brand stores to display advertisements on both sides at the same time. Customers browsing in the store can view the advertising information from every angle

Three types of products are available for selection

Multiple products with various forms lead the innovation of the four types of airports, carefully matched to interpret the infinite possibilities

Embedded Media Player all-in-one solution

Embedded with Vewell's independently developed Coolfile media player, operating on a stable Android 11 operating system. It delivers smooth content playback, allowing enterprises to effortlessly manage and monitor devices while enjoying the convenience of SaaS cloud publishing for a rich media con-tent experience.

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