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Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

Hotel Digital Signage

Such digital signage systems can not only display information, but also be a beautiful landscape within the hotel, creating a professional and academic atmosphere for the guests, allowing both business guests and leisure tourists to feel the charm and professional service of the hotel.

The current situation of the hotel industry

The current situation of the hotel industry

Core Objective

Create an atmosphere of supreme nobility, a colorful and splendid audio-visual environment, and show the elegant and luxurious taste and temperament.

Core Objective
Hotel enquiry signage

Hotel enquiry signage

Our products have diverse color combinations, which can present a dazzling and ever-changing effect, possess professional display capabilities, and can display gorgeous, highly bright pictures with vivid colors. In addition, we also provide a dedicated cloud platform, allowing you to enjoy efficient and convenient all-round services.

Hotel digital advertising machine signage

High-definition display screen, providing clear and vivid visual effects.

Built-in multimedia publishing system, supporting remote update and adjustment of advertising content, with simple operation.

Well-designed, with a fashionable appearance

Colorful and high brightness, suitable for indoor environments. High brightness and high contrast display effects, which can also be clearly visible even in bright environments.

Support for real-time updating of content, which can display the hotel's promotion activities, featured services and other information

Hotel digital guide signage

The digitally guided sign designed specifically for the hotel, provides convenient navigation services for guests and improves the experience within the hotel. 

Hotel query digital signage

The hotel query digital signage is the digital customer service terminal designed by the industry, offering customers the functions of information enquiry and service booking, and increasing customer experience and satisfaction.


  • intelligent voice interaction
  • one-click booking service.


  • Multi-functional query
  • Real-time information update


  • user-friendly interface
  • data security guarantee

Hotel meeting digital signage

Hotel meeting digital signage is the digital tool designed for the hotel meeting place, providing convenient meeting room information query and navigation services, and enhancing the meeting experience and efficiency.

System function

Highly efficient, safe and controllable

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