Standard Edition of Vewell Whiteboard V1.0

Our product is purpose-built for meeting scenarios, delivering an unparal-leled, lifelike writing experience. With low latency, it supports operations such as page flipping and annotation. You can adjust the brush thickness and color to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring your handwriting is smooth and fluent, igniting boundless creativity.

One-click Switching Desktop and Whiteboard

Enter desktop mode to exit the drawing board of Vewell Whiteboarding return to your computer desktop. Now all the programs and materials on the desktop could be part of your presentation with smooth operation.

Special annotations for PPT documents

Enhanced features for PPT document annotations include automatic saving of slide drawings, memory settings to retain previous annotations, and a convenient reminder of the last playback position.

Intelligent gesture Recognition

Exclusive to Windows version

One click switch PC mode, you can switch from whiteboard mode(default) to PC desktop annotation mode for desktop annotation and save, easily cope with complex meeting situations.

Multiresolution Display

Support for Dynamic Display and Interaction of Content on Multiple Resolutions

  • Supports dynamic display and interaction of content on multiple resolutions, including 4K and 1080P screen resolutions.
  • Provides support for showcasing animated effects in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Offers a versatile range of formats for content display and interaction, including PPT, Word, spreadsheets, text, images, audio, and video.

Extensive Features

Extensive personalization options to set yourself apart

  • Support for pen pressure sensitivity
  • Offers an intelligent Al mode that can automatically recognize and convert images to enhance your presentations.

4k intuitive UI Design

Our software features a 4K intuitive Ul design that ensures every detail is presented with clarity, even on ultra-high-definition 4K screens.