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Microservice architecture, flexible deployment

Configure your modules as needed from the simplest to the most advanced

Coolfile Digital Signage Software

Coolfile cloud version

Coolfile Cloud web-based software was created to help novice and intermediate marketers produce polished, professional digital signage from scratch or using a template. And manage them from any browser, anywhere.

Coolfile Enterprise Edition

A native to Coolfile Cloud Version. Superior performance, stability. reliability, scalability, and security are the pillars that make up Vewell Digital Signage Software. A content management system that is developed based on market needs ensures you're getting constant attention to functionality and performance enhancements with the ability to successfully scale.

Hitting the pain points of the industry

Different information publishing software

Low-end software

Most digital signage are fully functional on the surface, but in fact the technology is rough and the delivery effect is poor.

Digital signage too independent

Offering the Elementor image box with button. We are offering image box carousel elementor

Lack of supervision of equipment

Do you know how to add image box in WordPress website with elementary. Download Elementskit.

Insufficient security level

Do you know how to add image box in WordPress website with elementary. Download Elementskit.

Software Architecture


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Retail display marketing

Digital signage in retail stores can make 82% of shoppers more likely to buy in-store. But how to achieve a better brand image, increase sales numbers and offline and online communication requires a perfect retail store display marketing system.

The marketing strategy of Vewell display includes:

  • Seamless integration with the sales POS system, automatic management of new product introductions and removals;
  • Offline diversion to online platforms, effectively guiding shoppers from physical stores into the online marketing system;
  • Enhancing shopping experience through digital signage and innovative store layout design, thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction.
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Digital bulletin board

The traditional print publicity board has fallen behind the development of The Times, with limited content, unable to interact, static content and slow update time. Double Flag launched a landing digital publicity board, ultra-thin wall-hanging publicity board, APP release, dynamic multi-scene information publicity board.

  • Centralized management of publishing content, rich and colorful publishing styles and various types of content (TV, web pages, PPT, WORD, video and pictures)
  • Realize interaction through mini programs, QR code answer questions, large and small screen interaction, voting and other functions
  • Convenient deployment and transformation to achieve a plug-and-play digital publicity board
  • 5G networking, fast information update
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Shopping mall shopping guide

For large supermarket complexes, Vewell shopping guide serves as not only an indoor navigation and wayfinding platform but also a crucial facilitator of intelligent shopping guidance transformation. It offers consumers car search services and intelligent self-service options while providing interactive marketing services for brands, merchants, and consumers.

  • It enables complex advertising multimedia operation management by integrating the indoor 3D electronic map of the mall and cross-floor navigation features.
  • It provides independent advertising operation management for supermarket merchants including promotional activities, product promotion, brand advertising.
  • As well as integrated management of shopping guide and all media advertising in the supermarket. This allows one advertisement content to be published across all terminals.
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Subway electronic guidance

The intelligent electronic guidance system can display more content through the electronic guidance mode, and the guidance information is more intuitive and clear, providing passengers with intelligent travel guidance services. The guidance information displayed by the intelligent guidance system makes every subway trip convenient and fast for passengers, and becomes the intelligent journey guide for passengers.

  • From the entrance to the platform dwell time, the company enhanced passenger experience through intelligent electronic guidance, and promoted dynamic messaging, interactive experience, convenience and personalization
  • Convenient template making makes all information display standard unified, Chinese and English language display
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Hall guidance

The touch inquiry machine is strategically placed in the office hall to provide convenient services, offering information inquiry and guidance for visitors.

  • Introduction to the hall: Present a concise overview of the functions available at the business window, allowing users to easily grasp its capabilities.
  • Map guidance: Develop a comprehensive 3D map that aligns with project-specific Windows and handling procedures, enabling seamless mobile navigation and efficient business processing.
  • Business description: Primarily focus on presenting detailed processes and requirements for various matters within the hall, ensuring users have a clear understanding of how to handle their specific needs.
  • Policies and regulations: Emphasize relevant government-issued policies and legal regulations as they pertain to this context (primarily intended for government agencies and corporate clients).
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Group audit

1) Process review: This function is suitable for organizations with multiple departments, a hierarchical structure of approval personnel, and responsibility for the approval process. It enables seamless replacement of approval personnel during employee transitions and allows customization of approval flows and methods based on different scenarios. Approval processes can be implemented at every stage (content upload, production, and release) to ensure comprehensive data security throughout the entire process.

2) Content review: Traditional letter-based approvals are not ideal for stringent security supervision. We offer content review functionality that allows content providers to submit images, videos, and supporting documents. Approvers can annotate pictures and videos, provide their approvals or rejections, and provide online feedback to the content provider.

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Media advertisement

The large screen features a resolution of 12k or higher, a frame rate of 60hz, and delivers an astonishing playback effect.

It supports multi-screen and synchronous playback, enabling diverse forms of screen immersion that enhance creative playback in conjunction with the surrounding environment for a more compelling attraction effect.

 Immersive advertising is extensively utilized in subway and subway channel scenes due to its ability to remotely update and control playback materials as well as monitor the screens.

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