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This is a high-precision infrared Multi-point touch frame, of which the brightness can reach 32767×32767 by interpolation algorithm, which is suitable for the large size video wall display. The working theory is to use the infrared matrix located in X/Y direction to detect and locate the people’s touch gesture. Any non-transparent object can be recognized and located with high-speed response time.


·True multi-point touch, no drift, no blind spot.
·Support multi-point precise touch and write, support 2~64 points.
·Sensitive operation, fast response time.
·Suitable for landscape/Portrait installation of display .
·Support the designated area touch function.
·Support Win 7/Win XP/Vista/Linux/Mac OS/Android operating system.
·Support TUIO,Flash and other standard multi-point touch protocol
·Excellent capability to resist the ambient light (can be normally used under the direct sunlight)
·Great product stability, fault tolerance rate is high

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