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Introduction of Multi-View Plus Products

Vewell Multi-View Plus multiscreen splicer is a specialized hardware image processing equipment,which can display several dynamic pictures on multiple screens, in order to realize multiscreen-splicing function. Especially designed for occasions when several pictures with high quality are displayed. It offers an ideal image processing solution for the application of command centers, video conferences, Multimedia multi-function halls and other places.

Multi-View Plus series multiscreen splicing controller, adopts the large-capacity and high-speed FPGA array and high-speed digital bus exchange technology, combines with the all-digital hardware design concept, forming VI processing workstation without operation system. Multi-View Plus controller has strong processing capacity and possesses many advanced image processing functions like signal acquisition of wideband video, real-time HR digital image processing and three-dimensional digital filter with high order The controller adopts processing mechanism of digital multi-bus parallel and digital multi-bus data exchange to fundamentally ensure the real-time processing for all the input signals and the data consistency. No delay, no discretization and no frame dropping.

Multi-View Plus series multiscreen splicing controller supports splicing display of up to 72 pieces and multiple signal input modes, including composite video(DVD or camera signal), computer signal(VGA and DVI signal) and so on. For composite video, it is automatically adaptive to NTSC or PAL format, and for computer video signal, it can supports almost all the common display resolutions. Digital video can support 1080p HD signal. Multiscreen splicing controller supports simultaneous output of RGB (analog) and DVI (digital) and all the common real resolutions.

Multi-View Plus is especially designed for mobile and severe environment, including combat centers, navy and airborne consoles and Military transportation devices and so on. In order to adapt to severe environment and get reliable display effect, many improvements are made in its structure, including strengthening chassis, increasing air filtration and improving ventilation and so on.

All the functions can be easily set and controlled by RS-232, CLI of Ethernet or the graphical interface of Web browser.

Multi-View Plus upholds the Vewell's consistent tradition of outstanding quality and high reliability, which is the ideal solution to the most demandingly critical tasks in the application field.

Main Features of Multi-View Plus

·Powerful data operation with the bus width of 180G.
·Powerful image processing ability and unique video processing technology.
·Support input character-overlapping function.
·Backup can be made in double output channel. (Optional)
·Input interface can be arbitrarily specified to output orders. It has arbitrary permutation and combination function.
·Support HD signal format input and output and memory function for features of input signals.
·RGB and Video windows can be discretionarily searched, covered and zoomed. Four windows are allowed to be open in a screen.
·UnPBX structure, high -integration chassis and high stability.
·Advanced software can control peripherals.
·Support network control.
·Pure hardware structure without operating system and power redundant backup, high stability.

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