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Vewell AV Matrix Switcher

Vewell AV matrix switcher is a high-performance, smart matrix switchgear designed for special display switch of audio and video signals. It is used to switch multiply audio and video input signals synchronously or asynchronously to any of the audio output channels and mainly applied to broadcast television engineering, multimedia meeting room, large screen display engineering, television teaching, command and control center. The product has functions of power-off site protection, LCD display, video and audio synchronization or separation switch, and possesses RS232 communication interface, convenient to use with PC, remote system or various remote control devices.

AV matrix has two work modes: synchronous or asynchronous. When the system is in synchronous mode, synchronous switch of audio and video can be realized; when in asynchronous mode, separate switch of audio and video can be realized. System operating mode can be realized by serial port, infrared and keys. When switching the system from asynchronous mode to synchronous mode, video channel status is given priority and audio channel is switched synchronously according to video channel.

Main Features

·Compatible with composite video, S-video, component video, HDTV and RGsB.
·Board band technical design, full load video band of 150M(-3dB).
·Adopting LCD to show switch status of channels, various, inputting signals in display device, convenient for switch control.
·Adopting multiple switch control modes: Infrared remote switch (customer's optional choice), key operation switch, and RS232 control switch.
·Standard enclosure suitable for rack installation.
·Multiple unit overall preset and automatically saving once power is off.

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