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Vewell 55″ Zero Gap Seamless:VS550W
Operational Performance

·0mm Seamless LCD Wall
55”0mm Seamless LCD Wall with Active Bezel to display Missing video on original LCD black iron bezel to produce a seamless video wall Creation for Colorful World Black-Bezel-Free Physical-Gap-Free Active-Video-Free No-Display-Losing Non –optical way
·integrated, modular design
Adopt precisely, modular panel design with accurate positioning brackets to facilitate installation in easy and effective way,avoiding any chances of "black iron bezel" caused by error operation.
·IPS (Panel),Wide viewing angel
Adopt LG IPS panel , viewing angel up to 178°
·Up to 600 cd/m2 brightness
600cd/㎡ is enough for any indoor surrounding ,even under the directly sunshine, the image is still clear and visible. It’s suitable for sunlight room, without curtains , blind.
·4500:1 high Contrast radio
High sense of layering, eliminating foggy and dusky visual effect.
·100000000color gamut
Possess 10 Bit color gamut, overwhelming 8bit panel Vividly perform nature details of image, eliminate gray scale effect.
·Working life up to 60000hours
Support 7*24 hours working constantly, total up to 60000hours
·Slim design, Spacing-saving
The depth of panels is merely 9 cm, with bracts is less 12cm
·Free combination, arbitrarily tiled, Flexible installation
Support any layout, configuration, even irregular combination, satisfy creative and customized design.
·Advanced correcting feature
Software management for brightness, contrast ratio, brightness, etc. the parameter automatically saved for consistency of indicator.
·Multi interfaces
Support mainstream interfaces , including VGA、HDMI、DVI、S-VIDEO、YPbPr.
·Environment protection
Low energy consumption, No radiation、no flicker , protect eyes.

Characteristic Technology

·All the video standards supported

NTSC, NTSC and PAL (I, B, G, H, M, D, N),SECAM (D, K, L, B, G), synthetic S-video as well as SD and HD video input signal are supported. Field-blanking interval function is supported.
·Highly- configurable Memory Interface
32-bit DDR2 / DDR1 memory interface supports 16/32 bit memory.
·Real Color Processing
Flexible in making up weak color and stretching blue color, it has detection ability for colors. Independent digital color adjustment at 6 axis offers more smooth and more authentic contrast ratio, supporting noise filtering to reduce noise contrast.
·Dynamic Self-adaptive Noise Reduction Technology
It can reduce noises without producing stain so as to restore the original image authentically.
·Cross Color Suppression Technology
It can ensure that there is no redundant mixed color when displaying images, such as colorful costumes ,leaves and stems of plants, roofs of buildings and so on.
-Perfect image video processing technology, supports PIP function.
-Double ten ADC mathematical model control with 165 MHZ catching ability.
-Good nonlinear chromaticity and brightness enhancement processing capacity.

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