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Vewell 82" professional Display: V82-H17B
Professional Display

Application: In industry markets with strict requirements for quality, environment, brightness, etc.. With an advanced panel and a first-class video processingchip, it enhances the display effects of high-definition imagesfrom a professional video angle. With its unique dust-proof and humidity -proof design, it can be applied in a variety ofdifferent environments; It is also a truly industrial display that is able to work 24×7 to in order meet continuous working requirements.

·Professional LCD panel in project level is adopted.
·Professional and concise appearance design.
·Landscape / portrait screen placement.
·Reliable overall design and long service life. The service life is longer than 50,000 hours.
·Continuous stable operation for long working hours. (24 hours continuous operation)
·Engineering interface: BNC, Digital interface and varieties of interfaces.
·Long distance signal connection solution.
·Automatic set and automatic adjustment.
·Multi-screen splicing.
·Central control (RS232C).
·Screen saver (burn-free).
·Automatic air cooler.
·Staring up delay (prevent flashy flow).
·Energy saving design for standby and sleep mode, comply with the Energy Star requirements of the USA.
·Color temperature adjustment at 100%, highlight the color expression.

Universal application, install at your will

In order to satisfy different display needs and formats, Vewell professional display could be put in any angle: horizontal, vertical and flat etc.

Integrated thermal analysis and heat dissipation design.

At the prime design of each type of Vewell professional display, the components layout has been thoroughly considered by thermal engineers. Heat dissipation air flue is designed according to standards, heat dissipation holes are rational and the fan numbers and power are appropriate. The temperature control system is started up by temperature sensor, guarantee that the screen, power panel and each component are under optimized circumstance, thus improve the reliability of the whole product.

Varies of appearance structures and technologies.

Optional multiple structure section colors, technologies and shapes. Largely satisfy different needs of clients. Wall mount stand in accordance with VESA standards suit for landscape and portrait screens. Altered the interface position of exterior wires to increase maneuverability. Could equip with two built-in 5W speakers.

Varies oHigh Environmental Adaptability

The optical parameters and electric performance of Vewell professional display could meet the verification of high temperature, low temperature, muggy, vibrate, impact, steady high temperature and other environment tests. Satisfy special operation needs under all kinds of circumstances. Comply to national standards and industry standards such as GB 2423、SJ/T 11292-2003、SJ/T11344.

* Brand new built-in PC product, more economical, more environmental
friendly and more effective display solution. (65" and upwards types optional accessory solution)

·Built-in PC carry Intel Celeron Dual-Core processor and integrated audio processor chip, support multiple output formats including LVDS,DVI & HDMI. ·Built-in PC provides many effective, economical and professional network solutions for clients. ·Built-in PC could realize simple settings of LAN and managements of server software, satisfies all kinds of needs of clients and helps express their opinions in a more clear and confident way. ·Built-in PC could reduce cost and improve performance. No need for extra equipment to accomplish play requirement, small investment for big gains. ·Built-in computer has network functions, applicable to remote control

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