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Vewell 55" SNB Display: V55-S5MB
Operational Performance

Narrow Bezel Design
Liquid crystal display with narrow bezel of 1mm, of which the narrowest bilateral margin size is only 2.8mm, provides a genuine seamless image.
Intelligent temperature control, supporting 7×24 hours uninterrupted standby state, has a service life of more than 50,000 hours.
·High Brightness
With high brightness of 700cd/㎡, the image is brighter and clearer, which makes the effect more vivid and lively.
·Fine Resolution
Displaying in 1920×1080 picture elements, the color of object is restored to vividly show the details of images and texts. With 1920×1080 mega pixel, it takes on the natural color of objects, vivid images and texts details.
·Diversified Interfaces
Supporting diversified interfaces and a variety of digital signal formats, such as color shading, VGA, HDMI and DVI as well as SDI and DP, it can meet the different engineering requirements with RS485 industrial interface.
·Integrated Infrared Decoder
Applied to large scale tiled display, the unique narrow bezel design makes large screen seamless image come true, presenting you the perfect visual effects immediately.

Function Description

·Excellent Video Image Processing Audio Video is supported with high integration density. It has the characteristic of Environmental protection and low power consumption. Besides, hardcore video decoding method is adopted.
·Image Display Mode
Image display ratio can be shifted among five models, including optional zooming, point-to-point, 16:9, 4:3 and full screen.
·Multiple Images Display Mode
There are standard, natural and dynamic specifications, supporting high-speed dynamic images.
·Image Edge Shielded
Interval of image pixel can be set up to ensure smooth and natural transition.
·Arbitrary adjustment of color temperature
There are cold, warm and standard modes. Three primary colors, which are red, green and blue, can be adjusted under standard mode. ·Automatic Non-signal Screensaver
Blank screen and blue screen can be selected.


·Power-on Delay Function
Interval of 0-120s can be set up optionally between adjacent screens.
·Image Stillness
Make the screen image still or display normally.
·OSD Menu setup
With 256 color bitmap menus, it can provide settings of language, transparency, time display, modes display and so on.
·Multiple Format Interfaces
Digital simulation signal input and output has loop- through function
·Factory Restoration
All the settings can be reset to the default values.

Characteristic Technology

·All the video standards supported

NTSC, NTSC and PAL (I, B, G, H, M, D, N),SECAM (D, K, L, B, G), synthetic S-video as well as SD and HD video input signal are supported. Field-blanking interval function is supported.
·Highly- configurable Memory Interface
32-bit DDR2 / DDR1 memory interface supports 16/32 bit memory.
·Real Color Processing
Flexible in making up weak color and stretching blue color, it has detection ability for colors. Independent digital color adjustment at 6 axis offers more smooth and more authentic contrast ratio, supporting noise filtering to reduce noise contrast.
·Dynamic Self-adaptive Noise Reduction Technology
It can reduce noises without producing stain so as to restore the original image authentically.
·Cross Color Suppression Technology
It can ensure that there is no redundant mixed color when displaying images, such as colorful costumes ,leaves and stems of plants, roofs of buildings and so on.
-Perfect image video processing technology, supports PIP function.
-Double ten ADC mathematical model control with 165 MHZ catching ability.
-Good nonlinear chromaticity and brightness enhancement processing capacity.

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