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Vewell 55" Multi-screen Digital Signage: V55-D99RN
Digital Signage
LCD panel in project level

FHD and wide viewing angel (WVA) LCD panel in project level is adopted. Display resolution reaches 1920×1080. First rank Video Processing Chips are equipped to improve the display effect of high-definition images from video professional angle.

Fashionable appearance, stabilized and durable performance make Vewell digital signage be applicable to multitudinous public places. Media advertising issuance at airports, subways stations and other public places; Information issuance of government, enterprises and public institutions; Product and business introduction in financial and security industry; Product and service demonstration in restaurant and entertainment places, etc..

Perfect Pictures

High brightness
Vewell LCD digital signage has higher brightness than normal ones and thus makes the pictures more bright-colored. You could get a clear view of the vivid details even under illustrious circumstances.


High contrast
Vewell LCD digital signage possesses ultra-high contract ratio which exceeds normal ones. The much excellent color expression ability guarantees the expressive force of screen-levels.

Grey to Grey (GTG)
Response time is less than 8ms. Motion graphics displaying effect is improved, motion trail problem is eliminated, and the screens are smoother than ever.

A broader Viewing Angle
The viewing angle is no less than 178 degrees (landscape or portrait), could satisfy the viewing requirement in different places, and enable more viewers to watch at the same time.

Excellent Performance

Durable Super long service life.
Vewell digital signage could stand 24 heavy duty working hours per day and non-stop working for 365 days in a year.


Sturdy and durable
Specially reinforced structure, prevent dust and moisture at the same time.

Professional connection Performance
Comprehensive connection performance, provide multiple interfaces such as AV, VGA, HDMI, S-Video, PC, RS485 etc.

Environmental Friendly and Healthy
Low Power Consumption design, not only reduces the CO2 produced during power generation, but also reduces electricity consumption.

Other Functional Characteristics

Other Functional CharacteristicsDigital Frames function:
·USB hot plug storage
·Support 1080P FHD images and video display and subtitles mixed display.
·Automatically changing frames.
·Could install speakers and mute.
·Support starting up LOGO.
·Could choose CF/SD/USB flash disk as the physical storage medium of the Player.
·Time-switch and protection for strong current.
·Steady operation for super long time.
·Wide Viewing Angel and high color LCD panel in project level.
·The remote controller is protected by passwords, security and reliable.


Integrated Machine Function:
·No time limit, no location constraint, oriented management and broadcasting of audio and image-text information. These functions could satisfy distributed issuing business.
·Spilt the screen to display different images, different contents or even different formats of Ads.
·The information issuing system is easy to operate and powerful.
·Equipped with network function, which could be used to transmit data or control the player.
·Built-in X86 system platform.
·Support 1080P FHD images and video display, also support main current video formats.
·Security administration: User permission encryption management, issuing content encryption. Steady operation for super long time.
·WVA and high color LCD panel in project level

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