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Digital Signage System

Vewell Digital Signage System is a kind of management software that could manage hundreds of net players through networks and accomplish all kinds of play tasks with high performance. These net players are connected with LCD TVs, and have been comprehensively applied to video information in malls and buildings, and also the training and video conference in the National Stadium.

Using multimedia information broadcasting and management software, you could bulk download videos, pictures, texts, control information and play list to the local disk of the Net Player, and also could download special content and play list for each Net Player. You could remotely administrate massive play terminations through all kinds of network lines, such as LAN, CDMA, ADSL, WiFi, 3G, etc.

Characteristics of CS Software System

○Spilt Screen and diverse layout settings.
○Full Screen.
○Schedule of Day/Week/Month.
○Schedule immediate delivery and scheduled delivery.
○Separate delivery to each Client and Group delivery.
○The schedule could plug and play through USB storage.
○Emergency subtitles and activity schedule delivery.
○Video: MPEG 2.4/H.264/WMV and full HD level.
○Image: Multiple effects appear while image inversion.
○Text: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF
○TV: HD TV (channel remote adjustment)
○URL Search: Surf the Internet with soft keyboard.
○RSS news and application
○Live streaming Support
○Remote switch on/off.
○Remote access and control.

Detailed annotation of CS software system function

A. Split display area at will. Each area could play different multimedia program according to clients' needs.
B. The system provides 10 kinds of templates for user to choose from, and meanwhile user could modify these templates to form new templates. These layouts could use in arranging programs as templates.
C. The system supports images, videos, flashes, Office, texts, webs, RSS, TV and other multimedia resource.
D. The system supports marquee effects for roll subtitles, and you can set the roll orientation and roll speed.
E. You can set the resolution of the program at will to satisfy the needs of joint screens or Non Standard Screens.
F. You can add in Player client program to achieve remote upgrading.

A. Support control of the player to accomplish operations such as play, pause, sleep, restart, power-on, power-off, shut screen and turn on screen.
B. Add or modify Client equipment register information and player grouping settings.
C. View the property and relevant parameters of the player; IP of internal and external network, name, unique identifier PID, play status, current play list, print screen and group the play is in.
D. Support player refreshing to obtain the newest working status of the player:
  a) Monitor the play status of the player in real time; preview the screen shots of what the player is playing.
  b) Support remote client control system, convenient for remote administration.

A. Support day-parting of the play list, and also timing display daily, weekly or monthly.
B. You could set the starting time and stopping time of the play list.
C. You could add multiple programs and play sequentially by set time.

A. Support manually delivering program to players, conduct document transmission to one player or players group.
B. USB storage delivery:
  a) When the network is disordered and the program couldn't be delivered by network, you could put the program in an USB storage and play the program with the help of USB storage.
  b) When the USB storage is plug into the USB interface of the player, the program will automatically start to play.
C. Immediate Delivery:
  a) Support program packaging delivery.
  b) Support resume from break point.
D. Scheduled delivery: Support setting delivery time, deliver the program to Player/Players Group on schedule.

A. Authority management:
  a) Set the administration authority of Administrator.
  b) Set the administration authority of designer.
  c) Set the schedule and the administration authority of user
  d) Set the administration authority of program releaser.
  e) Set the administration authority of user.
  f) Set the administration authority of Client.
  g) Set the mixed authority.
B. Hierarchical management: Set the players group each user could manage.

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