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Electronic Broadcasting Software

Electronic Broadcasting Software is a powerful and wieldy multimedia courseware and teaching plan production tool, designed specially for interactive teaching and exhibition field, combined perfectly with electronic white board to realize free writing, drawing and scrawling, editing formula, handwriting recognition, video playing, dynamic hyperlink and so on. Based on it, you can easily create vivid and wonderful classroom program, attract and guide your students better and completely achieve multimedia interactive teaching.

Main Functions of the Software

○Mouse Operation Function
·Switch of right and left buttons of mouse; replace double click by single click to open items.

○Functions of Brush and Eraser
·Brush: can set colors, fluorescent effects for various colors, stroke thickness and 7 types of arrow effects for pencil, pen, brush pen, brush row, fluorescent pen; and automatically combine pen, brush pen, pencil and brush row to one object according to writing time. ·Eraser: round eraser, square eraser, region erasing, and circle eraser, object erasing and erasing all.

○Function of Graphical Editing
·Line: can separately set colors, thickness of strokes, transparency, and 9 common line types, such as arrow, solid line, dotted line, dash dot line and so on. For custom line, can set start arrow, line shape, end arrow etc.
·Polygon: various shapes of polygons are provided, such as round, rectangle, ellipse, diamond, hexagon, parallelogram, trapezoid, pentagon, isosceles triangle, right triangle, radius round, sector, camber, pentagram, custom polygon and so on.
·Elastic line: a geometric figure or a zigzag line can be created freely and the zigzag line's thickness, colors, transparency, solid or hollow effects can be set separately. It also can set two properties to show length unit and freely change shape by dragging inflection point, and adjust curve shape through the inflection point.
·Round, arc and sector: can draw radius defined round, arc and sector by using compasses, adjust radian, radius of arc or sector in the page, and can modify relative color, transparency, radius unit (cm, mm or other units imputed by hand), decimal digits, and shape (sector or arc).

○Automatic Identification Function of Hand-drawn Diagram
·Hand-drawn line, arc, curve, round, rectangle, triangle, polygon and so on can be automatically converted into regular straight line, arc, curve, round, ellipse, rectangle, triangle and polygon.

○Recognition Function of Handwriting
·Support handwriting recognition of traditional Chinese and English, punctuation and number, can extend to 24 languages, and can identify mixing and continuous input.

○Text Editing Function
·Can input various printing font in text edit box by hand or screen keyboard with font, size and color selectable, basic composing function, three types of alignment and text number, can insert external TXT profile and copied texts or pictures from shear plate into textbox.

○Table Editing Function
·Can insert tables with row number and column number selectable, can select cell to directly edit and input texts, provide color, transparence and thickness choices of boarder lines, adjust the size of rows and columns, insert or delete row, insert or delete column, merge or split any cell, and can perform color fill, network fill and picture fill for cell or table.

○Diagram Function
·Can design pie chart and histogram, set title name, project name, value, 3D display effect, diagram's background color, background transparency, hyperlink function, can directly fill color for various pie part (columnar), drag each pie part (or columnar) to change size or proportion, and can choose various patterns of pie and columnar and background color.

○Function Performance
·Provide over 20 types of functions, can set function diagram's thickness, color, transparency effect, can custom various functions after inputting function expression and value range, and can conduct various operation in coordinate system by drawing function curve. You can also move the entire function.

○Geometry Measuring Tool
·Ruler, set square (isosceles right-angle set square and 30°right-angle set square) and protractor which support zoom in and out, and infinite extension. Use five brush tools to draw straight lines in edges of ruler and set square.

○Object Editing Function
·Can edit, copy, cut, paste, delete, select all, rotate, stretch, zoom, flip horizontal, flip vertical, lock position, cancel lock, remove, merge, unmerge, put at the bottom or top, bring forward or backward, sequence, insert to background, hyperlink, cancel hyperlink, clone objects and etc for any or several objects.

○Insertion and Cut-in Functions for Image, Video and Audio
·Support various image files, such as BMP、EMF、WMF、TIF、JPG、GIF、PNG, text files, like TXT、DOC、PPT, import and embedded playing functions of videos and audios like MP3、MIDI、WAV、WMV、MOV、AVI、DAT、MPG、MPEG、ASF、RM、RMVB、SWF. You can drag the image and size s of video rectangle box of inserted image and video to show them.

○Other Functions
·Screen tools, accessory tools, record and playback function, screen record and play, page operation and editing function. File save and export, resources management and etc.

System Requirement of Software

·Operating system like Windows XP/2003/Vista, Linux, Mac, 10.X etc.
·Intel Celeron 430 (suggest use Intel Core2 processor)
·512MB RAM (suggest use 1G)
·10G available disk space (completely installed)

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