Vewell Wins the China New Media "Top Ten Innovative Brand Award"

    “China New Media Innovative Conference in 2010” was grandly opened at the China Science and Technology Hall on May 25th, co-sponsored by Association of China New Media Industry, New Media Network, China Economy Newspaper Association New Media Development Center, Communication University of China School of Media Management, Asia Pacific Association of Animation, and New Media Union Research Institute.

    As a spotlight of this conference, the Top Ten Innovative Brands in the 2010 Digital Signage System were grandly released. The evaluation criteria include innovativeness: involving remarkable results in technical innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation, and brand innovation; influence: covering the attention of the mainstream media and industry agencies, high reputation, integrity and self-discipline, and extensive influence; contribution: regarding the corporate commitment to social responsibilities, public spirits, and active promotion of a harmonious society. As the domestic leading manufacturer of commercial displays, Vewell, by virtue of its professional products and excellent solutions, wins the Organizing Committee Special Award "New Media Decade – China New Media Top Ten Innovative Brand” at one stroke.

    Vewell always embraces independent research and development philosophy, and has strong R & D technical strength and rich experience in project implementations. Years of its painstaking research, leads to the successful establishment of a "Vewell" brand LCD display products. At the same time, the company is committed to developing leading information releasing system and touch system, and has developed to ultra-slim bezel LCD tiling system, large-size LCD touch screen, information releasing system and other solutions, by means of large-size LCD display as a carrier, which are widely used in monitoring, advertising media, broadcasting, electricity, finance, transportation, hotels and other fields of different industries. Vewell commercial display products are applied in all walks of life throughout the country, whose typical cases are as follows: Beijing Subway Line 4 New Electronic Media Project, Shanghai Subway Line 1 and Line 2 New Electronic Media Projects, the Taiwan Affairs Office Jiuzhou Cultural Transmission Center, Xinjiang Corps Prison Administration Bureau Monitoring Project, China Science and Technology Hall, Baidu Building Information Releasing System, Jiangsu Television Station Control Center, etc..

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    Competent departments, industry associations, mainstream media and investigative agencies, jointly nominated Vewell business display for this Award, and by means of online voting and special investigations and careful deliberations conducted by relevant experts, Vewell was awarded “China New Media Top Ten Innovative Brand Award”.

    In the context of Three-network integration, high-speed promotion of the mobile Internet, and constant improvement of the Internet of things, cloud computing and other emerging information technologies, Vewell large-size screen digital signage and narrow-bezel display system, will usher in another round of new challenges in technological innovation, content innovation, brand innovation, and management innovation, under the leadership of market demand, but will also bring a powerful opportunity of industrial upgrading and technological innovations for the large-size screen LCD displays.

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    We expect that every client can obtain high-quality satisfactory services in the selection and use of Vewell commercial display, and that every client will become our long-term partner, which are the commitment made by Vewell to each client, and in which our goals and capabilities lie.

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