Vewell 65-inch Professional Display Unveiled at Shanghai Subway Stations

    Currently, the 65-inch professional LCD display produced by Vewell (China) Company is officially stationed at Shanghai subway stations, which is another subway project, following the successful application of the product in Beijing Subway Line 4.

    Vewell V65-H10L professional LCD display is a dedicated large-screen display product developed for special areas such as subway stations and airports in transport industry. With the resolution of 1920 × 1080, the contrast ratio of 2000:1, and the brightness of 700cd/m2, the product supports 7 × 24-hour non-stop operation, and perfectly displays any videos, images, texts and other contents.

    Vewell Shanghai Subway 2-screen Connecting Dynamic Electronic Screen

    Vewell Shanghai Subway 4-screen Connecting Dynamic Electronic Screen
 Vewell Shanghai Subway Station Ticket Gate Dynamic Electronic Screen

    The Shanghai Subway electronic media application project is different from that of Beijing Subway Line 4. From the picture it can be seen that Shanghai Subway adopts 2-screen connecting display and 4-screen connecting display modes, thus bringing a wider view angle and more stunning visual impact to passengers.

    At present, innovative electronic media are for the first application in subway projects. With the national further expansion of rail transit construction, the new electronic media application mode is quickly promoted into subway projects in the national major cities. Vewell seizes the opportunity for R&D and launches the professional LCD product V65-H10L, targeted at special areas like subways, airports, and railway stations. With its dust-proof, humidity-proof and vibration-resisting properties, the product is suitable for the use in adverse semi-outdoor environments, such as subways, airports, and stations.

    In addition to its subway-dedicated LCD display for transport industry, Vewell also has ultra-slim bezel tiling displays specially for the security monitoring area, high-brightness displays specially for outdoor advertisements, touch screens specially for hotels and shopping malls, and non-standard-size monitors and water-proof displays for the other special industries.

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