Vewell Wins the "China Security Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009"

    On January 7, 2010, "China Security Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009" or "China Security Top Ten Cutting-edge Products," were solemnly unveiled at the Shenzhen National Security Community Gathering.

    Guests present at the event guests, include security industry leaders, experts, business executives and others, where more than a thousand people gathered together to discuss development issues. The selection activity of "2009 China Security Ten Most Influential Brands", is hosted by the CPS China Security Network, International Security Brand Lab and the China Public Security Academy, and co-sponsored by Shenzhen City Safety Precaution Industry Association, and Shenzhen City Qiankun Public Security Research Institute, which can be said to be the most influential grand event in the security industry. 

    At the meeting, Vewell (China) was listed as one of "China Security Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009". Winning such an award is both the affirmation of industry experts on Vewell strength and the recognition of customers to Vewell brand products.

The Award-presenting Ceremony for 2009 China Security "Monitor Category" Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009

    The selection of "China Security Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009" is aimed to praise enterprises which have made outstanding achievements in and significant contribution to security brands, and set an example for the Chinese security industry to encourage more security enterprises to make strenuous efforts in promoting the fast development of Chinas security brands.

    Vewell (China) Co., Ltd always upholds independent research and development philosophy, and after years of painstaking research, establishes a "Vewell" series of LCD display products, including H series, L series, and S series of multi-purpose LCD display equipment targeting distinct market segmentation. At the same time, Vewell has developed ultra-slim bezel LCD tiling systems, large-size LCD touch screens, information releasing systems and other solutions, which are widely used in such industries as security monitoring, media, and transportation.

    Looking back in 2009, it was a harvesting year for Vewell. In the increasingly fierce brand competition in the domestic and oversea market, in virtue of its business development ideas and continuous product innovation, Vewell has always been standing in the forefront of the industry.

Vewell Award Certificate and Trophy

    Targeting security monitoring field, Vewell launches S-Series 7.3mm ultra-slime bezel LCD tiling product, and provides its customers with a seamless tiling visual feast. It has been applied in scores of projects, including Central Security Bureau, Xinjiang Corps, China Railway Container, Shanxi Coal Mine, East Meidiya, Aerospace Second Institute, Beijing Broadcasting, Guizhou Weather, and Wenzhou Mobile, and it has gained good reputation among clients.

   In addition, Vewell also introduces H series 65-inch, 70-inch and 82-inch large-size LCD displays more suitable for engineering applications. Larger-size displays can be perfect realization of multi-signal screen segmentation and treatment so that monitoring effects can be maximized. Vewell 82-inch professional LCD display even reveals a bright color at the grand 60th anniversary of the National Day, by providing the parade event for a high-definition and stable monitoring platform.

    Looking into 2010, winning such an award offers a higher demand for Vewell, but also is a new starting point. Vewell will sustain enthusiasm to continuously promote product development and innovation. In the new year, Vewell will not only maintain such a leading position in the security monitoring industry, but also will strive to enrich and improve product lines, open up new service models, and enhance customer-oriented technical support, and will realize its commitment to clients, with best products and best services.

    In the year of 2010 with full of opportunities and challenges, Vewell will continue to progress, and achieve better results.

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