Campaign of 2010 Large Screen Tiling Market Selected Cases of Vewell Industrial Displays Tiling

    The approaching 2010 will bring a brand new opportunity for the development to Vewell (China) CO., Ltd. In the past few years, Vewell has developed from product R & D to the successful launch of Vewell industrial displays and then to the extensive application of Vewell displays in various industries, all of which demonstrate the powerful strength in technological R & D as well as the rich experience in project implementation of Vewell.

    Looking back to 2009, Vewell industrial displays have been broadly used in various industries, of which large size LCDs are applied in Beijing Subway Line 4, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, China Hall of Science & Tech, Changping District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing Jingshan School, Shanghai Qunyi Vocational & Technical School etc, while narrow-bezel tiling and ultra-slim bezel tiling are successfully used in Oriental Media Center 3×3 Tiling, Shanxi Zhengbang Coal Mine 3×5 Tiling, Shanxi Huozhou Coal Mine 4×4 Tiling, the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group 3×4 Tiling, Xidan CBD 3×3 Tiling, Client Service Center of CRCT 3×3 Tiling, Wangjing No.1 Heating Plant 2×2 Tiling, Xiamen Wanda International Cinema 3×3 Tiling, Dalian Daxian 3×3 Tiling, Dalian Lushunkou District Fire Brigade 3×3 Tiling, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport 2×2 Tiling, Prison Administrative Bureau of Xinjiang Corps 3×4 Tiling, to name just a few.

    Case Show of Vewell Large Screen Tiling Projects

    Application Case of 3×3 Tiling Demonstration Project for Client Service Center of CRCT

    China Railway Container Transport Corporation Ltd is a large state-owned transportation enterprise with the qualification of railway container carrier approved by the Ministry of Railways and registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company has a sum of RMB 6 billion assets and their registered capital is RMB 3.5 billion.

    Based on the on-site survey for Client Service Center of CRCT by Vewells engineers and on the analysis of customers demand , the Vewell 46-inch ultra-slim bezel tiling, V46-SN20L, was finally selected to be used in the 3×3 large screen tiling project.

Vewell 3×3 LCD Tiling

    Tiling Project for the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group

        Established in November 16th, 1957,the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group (abbreviated as “Second Institute of China Aerospace”) has the Second Branch Institute of the Fifth Institute of Ministry of National Defense as its predecessor. Having developed for 50 years, the Second Institute has grown from a professional technical institute specialized in aircraft control system into a comprehensive institute with strong technical and overall advantage integrating development, R & D and production with testing and services. The institute, with more than15,000 in-service employees, is composed of 10 domestic first-class professional technical institutes, 3 assembly plants, an integrated processing factory as well as 8 logistics and service units and 1 corporation for civil use industry.

    In accordance with the customers demand and field survey, it is decided to adopt the tiling of 12 pieces 46-inch industrial professional displays being displayed horizontallyas 3 × 4 single screens . The resolution of V46-SB10L single screen is 1366×768, but the overall resolution after tiling can reach 5464× 2304. In combination with the high quality image display and due to the anti-reflective black stripe screen, the whole LCD system is characterized by excellent performance to ensure each unit meeting the requirement of 24-hour non-stop operation.

Vewell 3×3 LCD Tiling

    Tiling Project for Oriental Media Center

    Beijing Jiutai Group is a large conglomerate whose businesses involve real estate, financial securities, property management, decoration, catering, entertainment, medical facilities and construction materials etc., having branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hainan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhenjiang and other large and medium size cities. Backed up by the increasing strength as well as complying with the spirit of “ relatively comfortable residential standard” advocated by the government, the Group has developed quite a number of masterpieces like “Jiutai 2000 Home”, “Jiutai Manor”, “Hemu Villa” and “Desheng Building”.

    In accordance with the customers demand and field survey, 9 pieces of 46-inch Vewell industrial displays were selected to assemble 3*3 display system of large screen tiling mainly displaying long distance video signals, electronic maps and so on. The tiling is required to be sound and stable and the edge linkage to be narrow-bezel tiling so as to meet the technical requirement of continuity in displaying information like electronic maps. In addition, a 46-inch touch screen and a 46-inch single screen are needed in control solution.

Vewell 3×3 LCD Tiling

    Application Case of 2×2 Tiling for Master-Control Room of Beijing Wangjing No. 1 Heating Plant

    Located in No. 220 Area Ⅱ, Wangjing Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing Wangjing No. 1 Heating Plant mainly trades in the production and supply of heat. Having possessed 6 heating boilers, the company is responsible for the heat supply in winter for areas surrounding Wangjing Park.

    Based on the field survey by relevant managers from the heating plant and the on-site survey on master-control room by Vewells engineers, the Vewell 46-inch narrow-bezel tiling displays, V46-SN20L, were finally selected to be used in 2×2 large screen tiling project. Supporting 7 × 24 hours incessant power-on, the 46-inch narrow-bezel tiling can achieve more than 50,000 hours’ service life with HDMI, DVI and RS485 remote control interfaces to meet the needs for various projects.

Vewell 2×2 LCD Tiling

    Tiling Project Case for Focus Media - Times Square

    Being the largest digital media group, Focus Media is a ubiquitous digital media platform created to center around the life track of urban mainstream consumer groups in China.

    Focus Media has won the bid for the project of Beijing Times Square and finally selected Vewell display products as well as a complete set of tiling solution. Located in the south of Xidan near Chang’an Avenue, the project is for displaying ads of various companies in different sections circularly. More concise and better visual experience of ads will bring better effects from ads. The ad tiling wall is installed on the middle wall between B2 and B3 with the height of more than 4 meters from the ground. Heavy current relay is configured to realize timed power on/off, SD card is used to read image signals as well as VGA is linked to the screen so as to achieve 3×3 narrow-bezel tiling solution.

Vewell 3×3 LCD Tiling

    In the upcoming 2010, Vewell (China) CO., Ltd will continue to focus on R & D and innovation so as to provide more customers with excellent display system solutions by the newest technologies and products as well as the most professional services. Facing more opportunities for development in 2010, Vewell will create more cases for display project with the aim of writing a new chapter in the large screen tiling market.

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