Project Case of Electric Media Advertising System in Beijing Subway Line 4

    Ⅰ. Client Overview

    Beijing Subway Line 4 is jointly built and run by MTR Corporation Ltd., BIIC and BCG. Of which MTR Corporation Ltd. possesses 30 years’ management right of Beijing Subway Line 4, so it is also called “Hong Kong Line” by some people. The abovementioned three companies account for 30% of the total investment. The project mainly includes the electrical engineering for the roads and part of the stations.

    The Beijing Subway Line 4 starts from Gongyi Xiqiao Station in South 4th Ring Rd. in Fengtai District and bounds for South Anheqiao Bridge Station in Haidian District via Xuanwu District and Xicheng District. The whole line runs 29 kilometers containing 24 stations. It is still under construction at present and it will become main artery for north-south traffic in Beijing. In addition, the full journey time is expected to be 47 minutes.

    The line starts from Majiabao West Rd. in the south and terminates at Longbei Village to the north of Beigongmen of Summer Palace. The 23 stations along the line are initially set from south to north as: Gongyi Xiqiao Station, Jiaomenxi Station, Majiabao Station, Beijing South Station, Taoranting Station, Caishikou Station, Xuanwumen Station, Xidan Station, Lingjing Hutong Station,Xisi Station,Ping’anli Station,Xinjiekou West Station, Xizhimen Station, Beijing Zoo Station, National Library Station, Weigongcun Station, Renmin University Station, Haidian Huangzhuang Station, Zhongguancun Station, Peking University East Gate Station, Yuanmingyuan Station, Xiyuan Station, Beigongmen Station and Anhe Bridge North Station. Of which, the rolling stock depot is set in Gongyi Xiqiao Station while the parking lot is arranged in Anhe Bridge North Station.

    Ⅱ. Project Overview

    Beijing Subway Line 4 is a brand new subway line invested by subway companies in Beijing and Hong Kong running through west area of Beijing in Xicheng, Haidian, Xuanwu and Fengtai districts. Adopting brand new media mode, it possesses the world advanced operation experience and outdoor media company with professional platform so as to bring Subway Line 4 the new era of innovative electric media. The escalator electronic screen(Vewell V32-L10L)is applied for the first time in domestic subway line, thus making a breakthrough for the development of subway media. At the meantime, 65-inch dynamic electronic screen(Vewell V65-H10L)is installed not only for playing images by large area dynamic washing, but also for advertisement originality by free combination, thus enabling passengers to have unprecedented visual enjoyment.

    Ⅲ. Product Selection

    Having fully understood the project requirement, Vewells engineers have recommended Vewell liquid crystal products through careful study and brand filter. Characterized by high brightness, and large screen, Vewell liquid crystal products are quite suitable for public display and project application for rich interface devices and outstanding performance. After on-site survey and careful contrast, the project tenderer has finally selected Vewell 32-inch LCD and Vewell 65-inch LCD for applying in Beijing Subway Line 4.

    Ⅳ. Concrete Measures for Quality and Service Guarantee

    More than ten years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of control stand and monitor shelf;
    The installation personnel are professional personnel dispatched by our company with similar experience in complex system installation;
    Before signing the contract officially, the owner is allowed to inspect the production base of manufacturers to ensure we are qualified to finish designated tasks;
    Having similar project experience and real successful cases for inspection;
    Possessing ISO9001 Certificate;
    Checking the outer appearance of control stand and monitor shelf after installation and commissioning to fix if there have misfit, surface treatment, loose parts, misalignment, damage and loss etc;
    Checking carefully the surface of all the work benches and the monitor shelf including each connection screw and key and repairing immediately in case of any damage and loss.

    Ⅴ. Project Rendering


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