Vewell, Participate in InfoComm China 2009 with a Variety of New Products

    The leading InfoComm China 2009 opened in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center (New) on November 9th, 2009. As a great event of visual and audio industry, InfoComm China 2009 attracted more than 200 companies from 16 nations and regions to participate in. Vewell (China) CO., Ltd, the leading providerof displays and solutions participated with a variety of new products, thus bringing a fresh fashion to the exhibition.

Vewell 7.3mm Ultra-Slim Bezel Tiling Wall

    On InfoComm China 2009, the Vewell 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel tiling V46-SN21L attracted the spotlight with its 4×4 large screen, HD image and integrated display effect. V46-SN21L have been applied in quite a number of tiling projects including Central Guard Bureau, Xinjiang Corps, CRCT, Shangxi Coal Mine, Oriental Media Center, the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, Beijing Radio, Guizhou Meteorology Bureau and Wenzhou Mobile etc. The perfect display effect and stable technical features of V46-SN21L have won the consistent approval from various distinguish clients.

Information Releasing Solution (Vewell 70-inch and 82-inch LCD)

    Targeting at AV industry Vewell possesses the complete solution to multimedia conference system, which mainly includes large screen display system, information releasing system and remote control system. Adopting the current international advanced products and technologies and taking into consideration the stability, safeness and expandability under the pretext of meeting users’ requirements, the solution may remain top-class in China for quite a long time.

    The highly competitive 70-inch and 82-inch ultra large LCDs are presented in the form of information releasing system. Vewell has independently developed the information releasing system for AV industry, which adopts the newest “data fusion” technology to make the content richer and the editing operation simpler. In addition, the powerful player is available to integrate the display via audio, video, text, picture and flash and other information and update the content by subjects and functions. It is the first choice for the quote display, ads releasing and product demonstration in various fields like financial retail, advertising media, education exhibition and airport transportation etc.

    In the just passed ceremony of the sixtieth anniversary of the National Day, Vewell 82-inch screen V82-H10L was applied not only in the project of the exhibition hall of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, but also in the demonstration project of China Hall of Science & Tech, which announced the lofty goal of “Vewell, Creating the Beauty of Display” via excellent performance and good cost performance.

Vewell 52-inch Vertical Advertisement Player

    Adopting multimedia special decoder chip, Vewell 52-inch Vertical Advertisement Player supports 1920×1080 progressive scan in picture format, CF, SD, memory card and USB play as well as various play modes like movie, music and image. Currently, the product has been successfully applied in industrial clients like MACALLINE and Agilent for playing corporate videos and promotion information, which has gained consistent approval for its varied functions and stable performance.

 Global Largest 108-inch LCD Appear in InfoCommChina for Vewell (China)

    The InfoComm China 2009 brought to a successful close on November 11, 2009. Vewell has submitted a satisfactory answer to all partners by hard work of a year and great performance. Looking into the future, Vewell will continue to focus on R & D and innovation as well as provide excellent display system solutions to more clients with the newest technologies and products and the most professional services, thus leading us to enter the new era of display.

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