Focusing on the domestic market, Vewell now is setting sail

Focusing on the domestic market, Vewell now is setting sail  

    When mentioning the future development, Mr. Li deems that at present the security market is still the largest market, and the application of the digital signage is developing. These two markets will be the main application markets for professional LCD display products in the future.

    According to Mr. Li, still single monitors in the security monitoring market mainly are CRT products; however, LCD products’ competitiveness is increasing. Whether fine display effect or super-thin property, LCD products have advantages. Especially, in terms of energy consumption and heat radiation in summer, LCD products have very remarkable advantages and need no the large cabinet and strong heat radiation facility of CRT. About the approach to substitute the traditional CRT products, LCD products can choose single small-size monitor or large-size unit or tiled wall to work with the image division function inbuilt with the monitor. 

    Even for the large-size display products in security monitoring system, LCD products have obvious advantages in such aspects as maintainability, display performance and engineering cost over the traditional CRT. In addition, the security monitoring market is not sensitive to the seam of tiled wall; the LCD display wall in this market has very remarkable advantages while the DLP tiled wall mainly shows its disadvantages. According to Mr. Li, in the future, LCD technology will dominate the security monitoring market. In the market, LCD products will not only occupy the increased market but also take up the market shares of DLP products; and also they explore the large market occupied by original devices. In a short term, the security monitoring market will be one of the major markets of LCD technology.

    Besides the large demand of the security monitoring market on LCD products, the demand of the digital signage system market is also very large. Mr. Li points out that, the visible digital signage market with actual application is only a small part and there is a large portion waiting for our exploration and it will be the real space for the professional application of LCD technology in the future. In the interview, Mr. Li introduces us the development situation of foreign digital signage industry, such as the index plate in parking site, index plate of bus station, advertisement plate of metro, interactive and self-service system of restaurant and hotel, etc. According to Mr. Li, the application of digital signage industry will cover all aspects of our life, production and work: “when out of your house, you will see digital signage, i.e. LCD screen.”

    In terms of digital signage application, Mr. Li deems that, LED technology will be a major rival of LCD screen. Mr. Li tells us that the current Vewell irregular LCD screen is mainly for the traditional bar data screen market with LED technology, such as the station index plate of bus station, calling screen of bank window, etc. In such applications, the main defect of LED screens is that their definitions are limited and they cannot realize full-color display, etc. If these applications use LCD technology, this defect can be solved. Vewell irregular LCD screen not only can display the data needed but also can display more information such as weather, text advertisement, etc and even Flash advertisement in any area on the screen.

    Another battlefield where LCD technology challenges LED technology is outdoor display. At present, LED screen almost is the only option for outdoor display solutions. However, with the successful realization of high-brightness LCD technology and the breakthrough of the engineering processes of such environment controls as dust prevention, antiriot, dampness prevention, etc, the application of LCD technology in outdoor display must have a large space.

    Comparing with LED technology, LCD technology has very remarkable effect advantage in the small-size display application outdoor. For example, the index plate of parking lot, if with LED technology, will have very coarse pixel dots and a bad entire image, cannot divide certain area for advertisements and in particular cannot support HD video advertisements. Even for large-size display demand, the outdoor HD display product launched by Vewell, also adopting narrow-edge design, theoretically can support image tiling of unlimited size and is not inferior to LED products. For large-size display demand, another advantage of LCD technology is low price, only half of that of LED technology for the image of the same size.

    When mentioning the future market development, Mr. Li does not avoid the existing bottleneck of LCD technology. He points out that, although LCD technology is mature in large size, high brightness, outdoor application adaptability, irregular screen application, etc, in terms of the tiled wall industry, LCD technology still faces the bottleneck of frame seam. In such aspect, DLP technology can reach 0.3mm or 0.5mm, almost seamless, but the most advanced LCD technology, i.e. Vewell, can reach only 7.3mm double-edge seam.

    The bottleneck of too large seam of LCD tiled wall display technology becomes the weak point of LCD tiling products in some application fields with special demand, such as the command and dispatching system of metro, weather department, military command, simulation application, etc, all of which are very sensitive to seam. Therefore, it is very hard for LCD tiled wall to enter such markets. At the same time, Mr. Li is full of confidence to the continuous progress of the control level of frame of LCD technology. Mr. Li tells us that, the 2mm frame products of Vewell have been listed into the R&D plan. According to the technical exchange with Samsung, etc, Vewell finds sufficient evidences to prove that the frame control of LCD technology is not a great gap impassable from technical angle, “it is completely practicable within 1mm”.

    Furthermore, Mr. Li says that, the enterprises that are researching the technology to improve LCD frame include not only Samsung or Vewell but the whole professional LCD industry. Many enterprises including Samsung, NEC, Sharp, AUO, etc are noting and researching new LCD frame control technology. In the future, as the LCD tiling seam becomes smaller and smaller, LCD tiling will adapt to more and more actual display demands and take up more and more market share of the DLP tiled wall industry with remarkable comprehensive advantage. Mr. Li is confident to the day where LCD technology dominates the tiled wall market.

    Finally, Mr. Li says that, LCD technology has many advantages and is flexible in application. These properties will be its basis to have wider and wider application of LCD products in the future. Even in terms of some bottleneck problems, such as frame thickness, it will not have the difficulty unconquerable; likewise, in the early stage of LCD technology, most people thought LCD technology could not become big; in fact, the result is that LCD TV can be 80” or even 100”. As a domestic professional display leader, Vewell will keep market customer demand and industry innovation as core and develop more outstanding and leading products to meet the increasing demand of the domestic market on hi-end engineering LCD monitors.

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