Vewell Hi-end Image is Short of no Connotation

Vewell Hi-end Image is Short of no Connotation

    In terms of product line and products, Vewell has been leading in the domestic industry, for example, it is the first one to launch 7.3mm double-bezel LCD tiling unit, irregular LCD screen, super-high-brightness outdoor screen, etc, which represents the high-end image of Vewell. However, Mr. Li deems, in addition to products, some other factors including channel, service, R&D, etc are the connotations that cannot be short of for a “hi-end” brand.

    Regarding channel, Vewell chooses Twinflag as its general agent in China because it thinks highly of the experience and channel capability of Twinflag of many years in marketing of professional display and it considers all aspects of Twinflag. According to Mr. Li, the cooperation of Vewell and Twinflag is mainly based on the consistent “market starting point” and industrial opinion of both parties. Both are dedicated to the leader in the domestic professional display market and have the same strategic demand. The cooperation between Vewell and Twinflag is abundant and deep.

    Mr. Li tells us that, although, superficially, Twinflag is responsible for sale, the engineers of Vewell will follow and participate in the whole process from contact with customers to project planning, proposal of solutions, final implementation of system engineering and after-sale service. This very fine cooperation mode, somewhat, makes both seem as one company or one team. In addition, in addition to sale, Twinflag is the ears and eyes of Vewell because it will feed back customer demands in time to the R&D team of Vewell, communicate with the lowest-level R&D personnel, shoulder the tasks of keeping improving and creating products more applicable for customers.

    The deep cooperation with channel is the key that Vewell is different from the simple distribution agency relationship between many manufacturers and channel distributors. The cooperation between Vewell and Twinflag is established on the basis that both are dedicated to the exploration of the domestic professional display market. This cooperation essentially has the property of “hi-end”: they do not focus on “make money” but are dedicated to the creation of an undertaking. Therefore, in addition to sale, Twinflag will help Vewell construct, operate and sell Vewell’s brand.

    Hi-end products should have hi-end services. Mr. Li tells us that, besides full-process professional project consultancy and planning service, customers can enjoy the perfect set of after-sale service system of Vewell. For example, Vewell has established six subsidiaries around China, provides 12h backup services, etc. The most unique point is that Vewell engineers do not wait beside phone for the call from customers but patrol the products within their responsibility in a regular manner. Vewell requires that, in a monthly basis, the operation servicing engineers go to customers to check the working status of every product so as to find problems and prevent the small problems becoming large problems. This mechanism, to the greatest extends, ensures the normal operation of the products of customers and realizes the maximum of the application value of devices. 

    Regarding technical R&D, Mr. Li tells us that, Vewell always adheres to the orientation of customer demand and takes the strategy of prospective R&D. Mr. Li says with examples that, that Vewell can launch 7.3mm double-bezel LCD tiling products cannot go without the prospective R&D thinking that Vewell always insists on. To overcome such main technical bottleneck in LCD tiling, Vewell always maintain leading R&D force and has deep exchanges and communications with world leaders such as Samsung, etc. At present, the next generation 2mm frame product R&D has been initiated at Vewell; at the end of this year, Vewell will launch an outdoor high-brightness product with brightness above 2,500 nits.

    On the other hand, Vewell also deeply pays attention to customer demand change, for example, in the LCD tiling unit, Vewell adds new technology developed independently by itself and realizes such practical functions as split screen display, multi-signal switching, etc without such high-class independent hardware as matrix switcher, tiling controller. As a result, the user in the monitoring industry who chooses Vewell products can save large cost from signal processing equipment. 

    Mr. Li introduces to PjTIME that, the professional display application market is greatly different from the common consumption market. Customer demand in the professional market has very strong orientation and different customers often have different demands. In addition, what customers face is not only one simple product or one simple screen but also the solution for the system. For example, in the competition for the project of Beijing Subway Line 4, the reason for which Vewell wins although with strict product test and furious competition from the rivals Sharp and Samsung, etc is that Vewell not only has outstanding terminal products but also offers perfect and reasonable system solution. At present, more than 90% of Vewell products have been sold by means of solutions.

    In the Vewell R&D system, Vewell specially stresses how to grasp the market direction correctly in the application of the products that focus on “projects” and take demand as core, such as professional LCD monitor. The deep cooperation between Vewell and Twinflag also includes the research and determination analysis of both to the customer demand in the future and the presentation of the information in the R&D of Vewell products. According to Mr. Li, the hi-end that involves the whole product value implementation process from channel, R&D to after-sale service is the true meaning of “hi-end brand” of Vewell.

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