Create local professional display brand with intensive efforts

    In recent years, the domestic professional display market has developed rapidly. In different fields, the products of different display technologies show up a prosperous situation. LCD display technology, with its unique display effect in many rising and traditional application fields, has won the favor the market. Vewell, as the only enterprise at home owning full-line LCD commercial display products, following Samsung and NEC, launches double-bezel 7.3mm LCD tiling monitor and becomes a rising new comer in this field. With unlimited curiosity, PjTIME specially interviews Mr. Li Dezhi, business manager of Beijing Vewell Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Opinions: 

    Professional market is the project-based market and customer demand is the solution.

    Hi-end products do not mean high price and low-end products not only mean low price.

    Only the hi-end trend involving the complete value realization process of channel, R&D and after-sale service is the true meaning of “hi-end brand”.

    The LCD display products in the security market are advantageous.

    LCD will become the challenger of LED display technology in the future.

    2mm bezel LCD tiling products will be launched in the coming year.

    Industrial market demand requires prospective R&D based on customer demands.

Create local professional display brand with intensive efforts

    Firstly, Mr. Li introduces the current development situation of Vewell. Mr. Li says, although Vewell appears actually in the domestic market in 2008, it has the experience of more than 7 years in professional display market. In the early stage, its main business focused on the sale in overseas market and the products ordered by overseas customers took up a large proportion. The operation of Vewell in overseas market helps it accumulate rich experience in R&D, production and market operation and it has created a R&D team of more than 30 people.

    Since 2007, the domestic LCD commercial and industrial application market has welcomed an explosive growth. Properly seizing the opportunity occurring, in 2008, Vewell launched its own brand “Vewell” in the domestic market and reached very good market achievement. This year, following Samsung and NEC, Vewell launched the new generation DID LCD tiling wall products with only 7.3mm double-bezel tiling seams and at the same time issued the system debugging and calibration software based on network management.

    In addition, Vewell has many other products including touch screen, digital signage system, single-screen monitor, advertisement player, irregular LCD monitor, underwater LCD display product, etc. Among them, the 1,500NIT hi-brightness outdoor narrow-edged tiling screen and irregular LCD screen system are advanced in the domestic market and even unique. According to Mr. Li, although Vewell has entered the domestic market for short time, it brings the market with full-series, mature products examined by many market applications. In particular, in terms of product richness of product lines, it is second to none in the domestic market.

    By virtue of the richest application product line in the domestic LCD professional display market, Mr. Li expresses without hesitation the “ambition” of Vewell. Mr. Li tells us that, although China is a great power in display products in the world and has such world-level brands as TCL, Haier, etc, there is no leading enterprise in the professional display and industrial market; and the target of Vewell is to create itself to be “a leading brand in the local hi-end professional display industry”.

    Mr. Li has its own unique understanding to “hi-end brand”. He tells us that, many people often deem that hi-end products are expensive, which actually is a misunderstanding. In fact, as many hi-end products are imported and they are researched, developed and produced in foreign countries, after they are imported, various taxes are added and the labor cost difference exist in different countries, their prices are very high.

    As Vewell products are researched, developed, produced and sold at home, their product cost naturally will be lower than that of Samsung or NEC products imported. Therefore, its cost advantage will be converted to the product price advantage. The hi-end strategy of Vewell is not to increase price to maintain its hi-end image. Instead, the hi-end products of Vewell are represented by high requirements in all aspects: technology, product quality, performance, service, the rationality, professional degree, etc of overall solutions, etc. Only these aspects express the true meaning of Vewell “hi-end” standard.

    According to Mr. Li, the meaning of hi-end can be explained with price as the low-end products are not always at low price. Often, low-end products are weak in performance, quality, service, professionalism and even appearance process, let alone reasonable system solutions.

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