Vewell: Keep Innovating and Insist on Independent R&D

    This July, Samsung and NEC successively launched the first 7.3mm seamless LCD tiling system in the world. However, this product battle is not the stage of foreign brands, following Samsung and NEC, Vewell launches its products with seamless tiling technology and the performance of its products is equal to or even exceeds other foreign brands. Who is Vewell? What technical strength does it have to compete with two giants on the same stage? These become the focus of many people.

Show of Seamless Tiling Technology

About Vewell China

    Vewell engages in the R&D, production and sale of flat display devices and its products are sold to the whole Asia-Pacific Region. Adhering to the operation philosophy of “independent R&D”, it has strong R&D technical strength and rich engineering implementation experience. As a leading supplier of flat display devices and application solutions in Asia, Vewell always takes the lead in the development of the LCD display industry and its sales volume has kept leading for many years successively. In addition to its top technologies, it has all-directional and high-quality services, year-around 7X24h continuous services and the response to the demands of customers of all countries and regions including China.

    With the increasingly expanding market of hotel digital signage system and bar security monitoring system, Vewell, with fractured industrial customized solutions, solves the actual problems of customers. According to some officers of Vewell, the most important advantage of Vewell in hotels is that it has the final solution by means of designing different solutions in line with the overall layout of hotels and with communication with customers, field survey and revised detail implementation. This is the advantage of Vewell over other brands. According to some officers of Vewell, at present, Vewell is actively researching and developing hotel intelligent ordering system, which will realize the complete intelligence of the ordering service of the restaurant in hotel; after realization, this technology will fill in the blank in the hotel market at present.

    The launch of Vewell double-bezel 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD tiled screen provides an all-directional solution for the users of hotel and bar security monitoring, advertisement media, finance, traffic, etc. It is reported that, the launch of this model has drawn the high attention of the LCD tiling industry. At present, Beijing Twinflag Century Technology Co., Ltd, as the general agent in China of Vewell professional LCD monitors, starts the hot sale and supply of the product.

    If the soft marketing strength of Twinflag is combined with the hard technical strength of Vewell, the industries, channels and end customers of Vewell will be all covered. Some Vewell officers say “We are optimistic of the development of this new product.” In addition, in terms of after-sale service, the double-service strategy of Vewell and Twinflag ensures the extension of the product line of Vewell in the future. Some Vewell officers say “Increasing customer satisfaction is always the tenet Vewell pursues”. When products have problems, whether artificial or otherwise, we will respond within 12h. On the basis of not affecting the application of customers, we will dispatch experienced engineers to remove the problems as soon as possible; if the problems are severe, we will replace the faulty screen with the stock screen at every distribution point for customers.

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