Tiling Project for Oriental Media Center

    Ⅰ. Client Overview

    Beijing Jiutai Group is a large conglomerate whose businesses involve real estate, financial securities, property management, decoration, catering, entertainment, medical facilities and construction materials etc., having branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hainan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhenjiang and other large and medium size cities. Backed up by the increasing strength as well as complying with the spirit of “ relatively comfortable residential standard” advocated by the government, the Group has developed quite a number of masterpieces like “Jiutai 2000 Home”, “Jiutai Manor”, “Hemu Villa” and “Desheng Building”.

    The Oriental Media Properties Limited affiliated to Beijing Jiutai Group has delicately built the office building- Oriental Media Center for media enterprises in Beijing CBD. As the new masterpiece for Beijing Jiutai Group covering about 12,000 square meters, the Oriental Media Center will become the new spotlight for the whole CBD for its good product orientation and complete supporting facilities.

    Located in No.4, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District next to Dawanglu Station of Subway Line 1, the Oriental Media Center is the transportation hub for quite a number of bus lines with superb geographical position and convenient transportation facilities. It is the only top class office building complex for media industry in the core area of Beijing CBD, comprising two high-rise buildings, a six-storey skirt building and a stand-alone office building. Of which, Block A and C are a hundred-meter office buildings while Block B is a supporting building providing business, conference , exhibition, performance, catering and entertainment, and Block D is an independent office building. The whole building complex is equipped with complete facilities of catering, entertainment and hotel etc.

    Ⅱ. Project Overview

    The Oriental Media Center is located in the core area of Beijing CBD, the east side of new site for CCTV. The Vewell display devices procured by Oriental Media Center are installed within Shuyao Digital Camera Ltd. in Block A of Oriental Media Center.

    In accordance with the customers demand and field survey, 9 pieces 46-inch Vewell industrial displays were selected to assemble 3*3 display system of large screen tiling mainly displaying long distance video signals, electronic maps and so on. The tiling is required to be sound and stable and the edge linkage to be narrow-bezel tiling so as to meet the technical requirement of continuity in displaying information like electronic maps. In addition, a 46-inch touch screen and a 46-inch single screen are needed in control solution.
3*3 narrow-bezel tiling solution is applied.

    Ⅲ. Product Selection

    Finally, the Vewells LCDs were selected by Vewell engineers for this tiling solution. The specification is Vewell V46-SN10L and the number is 11 including a 46-inch touch screen and a 46-inch single screen.

    Features of V46-SN10L:
    S series is the industrial display equipped with industrial liquid crystal panel and developed and designed with top class video processing chip in accordance with requirements of professional users in terms of application and professional prosperities. Adopting advanced integrated processing chip, the series possesses DNX image processing technology and unique advanced technologies of 10-bit high-speed processing operation, 3D chroma separation,3D digital noise reduction and dynamic image motion compensation so as to ensure the effect of image output. In addition, it is configured by Digital Visual Interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface), YPBPR, VGA and CVBS to upgrade the display effect of HD images from professional perspective, therefore, it is the first choice in professional flat panel display.

    Display Features:
    V46-SN10L is characterized by the resolution of 1920×1080, high-contrast ratio, high brightness, wide visible angle, short response time for image display, clear and real dynamic image, noise-free operation, long performance life, long standby time as well as environmental-friendly and healthy. After the project is completed, V46-SN10L is proved through actual use by users to be stable and reliable with excellent performance in clear image and broad view.

    Ⅳ. Concrete Measures for Quality and Service Guarantee

    More than ten years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of control stand and monitor shelf;
    The installation personnel are professional personnel dispatched by our company with similar experience in complex system installation;
    Before signing the contract officially, the owner is allowed to inspect the production base of manufacturers to ensure we are qualified to finish designated tasks;
    Having similar project experience and real successful cases for inspection;
    Possessing ISO9001 Certificate;
    Checking the outer appearance of control stand and monitor shelf after installation and commissioning to fix if there have misfit, surface treatment, loose parts, misalignment, damage and loss etc;
    Checking carefully the surface of all the work benches and the monitor shelf including each connection screw and key and repairing immediately in case of any damage and loss.

    Ⅴ. Project Rendering


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