Tiling Project of Focus Media-Beijing Times Square

    Ⅰ. Client Overview

    Being the largest digital media group, Focus Media is a ubiquitous digital media platform created to center around the life track of urban mainstream consumer groups in China.

    Focus Media possesses various media networks of organic integration with specific audience, such as video media for commercial building, video media for store terminal, print media (framework media) for apartment elevators, outdoor large LED media, mobile wireless ad media, internet ad platform (Allyes Ad Network), Focus Direct Media and database marketing channels etc. It has won common approval from the industry for its unique commercial mode as well as the focus, vitality and coerciveness of media communication. In July, 2005, Focus Media has been successfully listed on NASDAQ in the US (stock code: FMCN) to become China’s No. 1 pure ad media listed overseas by creating the IPO record of that time for 172 million US dollars of raised fund. Currently, it is the leading stock of Chinese companies in NASDAQ market value surpasses 7 billion US dollars.

    The integrated digital communication network of digital outdoor, network ads and mobile phone ads created by Focus Media is becoming the most influential mainstream communication platform in the urban life of China.

    Ⅱ. Project Overview

    Focus Media has won the bid for the project of Beijing Times Square and finally selected Vewell display products as well as a complete set of tiling solution. Located in the south of Xidan near Chang’an Avenue, the project is for displaying ads of various companies in different sections circularly.

    The original video wall has been dismantled. More concise and better visual experience of ads will bring better effects from ads.
The ad tiling wall is installed on the middle wall between B2 and B3 with the height of more than 4 meters from the ground. Heavy current relay is configured to realize timed power on/off, SD card is used to read image signalsS as well as VGA is linked to the screen so as to achieve 3×3 narrow-bezel tiling solution.

    3*3 tiling solution is applied.

    Ⅲ. Product Selection

    Finally, 9 40-inch industrial LCDs were selected by Vewell engineers for this tiling solution.

    Ⅳ. Concrete Measures for Quality and Service Guarantee

    More than ten years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of control stand and monitor shelf;
    The installation personnel are professional personnel dispatched by our company with similar experience in complex system installation;
    Before signing the contract officially, the owner is allowed to inspect the production base of manufacturers to ensure we are qualified to finish designated tasks;
    Having similar project experience and real successful cases for inspection;
    Possessing ISO9001 Certificate;
    Checking the outer appearance of control stand and monitor shelf after installation and commissioning to fix if there have misfit, surface treatment, loose parts, misalignment, damage and loss etc;
    Checking carefully the surface of all the work benches and the monitor shelf including each connection screw and key and repairing immediately in case of any damage and loss.

    Ⅴ. Project Rendering


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