Tiling Project Case of Nanjing Suning Flagship Store

    Ⅰ. Client Overview

    Suning Electric is a leading retail chain of 3C (household appliance, computers and communication) in China. Up till October 1st, 2007, Suning Electric has more than 600 chain stores in more than 2,000 cities in 28 provinces, municipality directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions. With more than 90,000 employees and the sales volume of about RMB61billion in 2006, Suning Electric is in the top three among top 100 chain enterprises calculated by Ministry of Commerce in China. 

    Currently, Suning Electric ranks 59th among top 500 Chinese enterprises, the third among top 500 Chinese private companies, top 10 for the competitiveness of Chinas listed companies, the second among top 100 private listed enterprises, top 50 enterprises of Enterprise Informatization in China (Number One in retail) as well as top 100 Business Technology in China (Number One in retail). In addition, it is also one of the “National 15 Large Commercial Enterprise Groups” cultivated by Ministry of Commerce. On July 24, 2004, Suning Electric (002024) was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange while on August 4th, 2005, share-split reform plan of Suning Electric was passed by the general meeting of stockholders to realize full circulation.

    Due to the accurate product positioning and unique brand management, World Brand Lab has evaluated the brand value of Suning to be RMB40.225 billion in June, 2007, ranking first among chain stores for household appliances in China. In December, 2005, Suning Electric has passed ISO9000 for its standard and efficient internal management. In April, 2006, SAP/ERP of Suning was put on-line successfully, which is the information-based TOP-ONE project in Chinas retail industry.

    On the Second Annual Meeting of Chinas securities market held in August, 2006, Suning Electric won the award for “The Listed Company with the Best Investment Value” for its outstanding income from investment, return of investment, as well as profitability, market feedback and governance capacity. In October, 2006, Suning Electric was awarded “Advanced Private Enterprise for National Employment and Social Security” jointly by Ministry of Labor Security, All-China Federation of Labor and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Suning Electric was ranked top 20 with corporate social responsibility in December, 2006 according to the released China corporate social responsibility survey. In April, 2007, Suning Electric was selected into “2007 China Charity Ranking” edited by Chinese Philanthropy Times sponsored by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, All-China Federation of Labor, The Central Committee of the Communist Young League and All-China Womens Federation etc., winning the title of “2007 Top Ten Charitable Enterprise”. On June 20th, 2007, Suning Electric was selected into 2006 Top Ten Listed Companies with national influence and ranked first among the 2006 list of listed companies with potential growth. On August 2nd, 2007, it was ranked first among Chinas Top Companies List of 2007 released by Forbes (Chinese version).

    Ⅱ. Project Overview

    In order to meet the market demand and to expand the market influence, Nanjing Suning Flagship Store has made some adjustments on stores such as changing the design of household appliance demonstration to attract more clients.
The re-design and re-decoration of LG display cabinets is aimed at providing people with a brand new experience in shopping. The original plasma tiling wall is dismantled and the tiling solution is changed into new narrow-bezel tiling, which is mainly used 8-hour scrolling display information about LG product introduction, new technologies and corporate image promotion. Configured with a dispatcher HDMI16 directly linked to the screen by output, the system is available to play common images in DVD, video HD film sources with HD player. Therefore, it is suitable for demonstrating the dynamic LG hi-tech products for full time.

    3*3 tiling solution is applied.

    Ⅲ. Product Selection

    Finally, the LG LCD Module was selected by Vewell engineers for this tiling solution. The specification is LD420WUB-SAA1 and the number is 9.

    Ⅳ. Concrete Measures for Quality and Service Guarantee

    More than ten years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of control stand and monitor shelf;
    The installation personnel are professional personnel dispatched by our company with similar experience in complex system installation;
    Before signing the contract officially, the owner is allowed to inspect the production base of manufacturers to ensure we are qualified to finish designated tasks;
    Having similar project experience and real successful cases for inspection;
    Possessing ISO9001 Certificate;
    Checking the outer appearance of control stand and monitor shelf after installation and commissioning to fix if there have misfit, surface treatment, loose parts, misalignment, damage and loss etc;
    Checking carefully the surface of all the work benches and the monitor shelf including each connection screw and key and repairing immediately in case of any damage and loss.

    Ⅴ. Project Rendering


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